Recycle Right!

We’re excited to share the Scott Area Recycling Center underwent some updates in 2023. The good news is that our recycling rules aren’t changing. Keep reading for reminders on how you can Recycle Right!

Three new optical sorters have increased the system’s sorting speed from 10 tons-per-hour to 11.5 tons-per-hour and it captures more recyclables (particularly polypropylene, the type of plastic in items like yogurt containers, butter tubs, and cold beverage cups). Optical sorters use infrared technology to recognize and sort materials at a rate of 600-900 items per minute while a person can sort 35-50 items per minute.

Technology is changing the way the Waste Commission of Scott County sorts recyclables, but what can be recycled curbside remains the same. Residents should keep using the image on Go All In carts as a guide to Recycle Right!

What Goes in Your Cart?

  • Glass bottles and jars: Empty and rinse containers.
  • Plastic bottles, tubs and jugs: Labels and lids are OK.
  • Paper and cardboard: Flatten all boxes.
  • Aluminum and steel cans: Place all items in your cart loosely. No plastic bags!

When recycling right, be encouraged that the updated equipment at the Scott Area Recycling Center is capturing an additional 900,000lbs of recyclables annually. This includes eight times more polypropylene collected than before!

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