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Rethink Recycling

Scott Area Recycling Center receives and processes all of the residential recyclables from Scott County Communities. 

What Goes in Your Cart?

  • Glass bottles & jars: Empty and rinse containers.
  • Plastic bottles, tubs & jars: Labels and lids are OK.
  • Paper & cardboard: Flatten all boxes. Cardboard must fit in your cart.
  • Aluminum & steel cans: Place all items in your cart loosely.

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How do I Dispose of...

Collection Calendar

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Don't Have Curbside Recycling?

When we recycle we conserve energy, save landfill space, and make our home a cleaner and more beautiful place. Residents who don’t have access to curbside recycling can use drop off recycling throughout Scott County.

Centennial Park: 202 S Marquette St, Davenport. Open 24/7

West Lake Park: Gate 2, County Rd Y48. Open Park Hours

Scott County Park: 1/2 Mile East of Main Park Entrance. Open Park Hours

Pleasant Valley Site at Republic Services: 1 mile East of Arconic, enter off Hwy 67 (State Street). Open 7am to 5:30pm weekdays, 7am-noon Saturdays

Scott Area Recycling Center: 5640 Carey Ave, Davenport. Open 24/7

Scott Area Landfill: 11555 110th Ave, Davenport. Open 7am-3:30pm weekdays and 8am-11:30am Saturdays.

Watch our How to Drop Off Recyclables Guide

Think Beyond The Cart

Have items that don’t belong in your recycling cart – but you don’t think they should be thrown away? Click below to see where they can be recycled.