No Go Items

In order to maintain Scott County’s recycling program success it’s important to remember there are a handful of problem items that do not belong in your recycling cart. The items below can cause major problems for a recycling center, please keep the following items out of your recycling cart:

Do not put batteries in your trash


Rechargeable batteries are a leading cause of fires at recycling centers & landfills. Please keep all batteries out of your recycling cart.

Rechargeable and lithium batteries should be individually bagged or have their terminals covered in clear tape and brought to the Waste Commission’s Electronic Recovery Center – 5650 Carey Avenue Davenport. 

NOOG Styrafoam x


Styrofoam is not recyclable in Scott County. There are no outlets or markets for Styrofoam in our region.

Please place all Styrofoam in your garbage cart.

NOGO Plastic Bags x


Plastic bags create logistical problems for recycling centers. They blow around, get wrapped up in equipment and are difficult to manage. There are also extremely limited markets for plastic bag recycling.

Most grocery stores have a takeback program for plastic grocery bags. Please return your clean, used plastic bags to your local grocery store –or– place them in your garbage cart.

NOOG Propane Tanks x


Propane tanks are a leading cause of fires at recycling centers & landfills. Please keep all propane items out of your recycling cart.

Propane items should be brought to the Household Hazardous Materials (HHM) facility – 5640 Carey Ave. Davenport.

NOGO Greasy Pizza Boxes x


Grease and food remnants contaminate cardboard recycling operations. Pizza boxes that are greasy or have any food remnants should be thrown out as garbage.

If you have a greasy pizza box where the top is still clean you can tear the top off, recycle that portion and then throwaway the greasy bottom piece.