Acceptable Material & Fees

Scott Area Landfill serves residents and businesses by landfilling waste that is generated in Scott County, Iowa only. The Commission does not provide collection or hauling services.

We accept credit cards and debit cards, cash and local checks. Payment is due at the time of service. No loads accepted after listed closing time.

Material Fee
Appliances (refrigerators & freezers must be emptied)
$6 each
Ammonia Units (Scott County residents only)
$100 each
Compacted garbage
$33.70/ton (Residents: $25 min. charge) (Businesses: $33.70 min. charge)
Construction & Demolition debris
$38/ton (Residents: $25 min. charge) (Businesses: $38 min. charge)
Bulky Items (such as railroad ties and utility poles)
Tires (includes standard vehicle and semi tires)
$275/ton (**Scott County Residents: No charge for up to five car tires/year)
Tires (heavy equipment tires)

Effective July 1, 2024. Rates subject to change.