Historical Timeline

1972: Commission established to move from dumps to the first sanitary landfill in Scott County.

1977: Second landfill site opens in Scott County at the current Buffalo location.

1988: Appliance demanufacturing begins.

1990: Waste tire recycling program begins.

1991: Compost facility siting begins.

1992: Landfill siting begins.

1995: Scott Area Recycling Center constructed and curbside recycling begins in Davenport and Bettendorf.

1996: Synthetically-lined Subtitle D landfill with leachate collection system opens.

1996: Household Hazardous Material Facility opens.

1998: Special Waste Solidification Program Begins. 

2000: Keep Scott County Beautiful was established and certified as a state affiliate of Keep America Beautiful.

2001: Household Hazardous Material Satellite Facility opens.

2001: Education Center Addition at Scott Area Recycling Center opens.

2002: First E-waste collection event held.

2004: Construction and Demolition Recycling begins.

2005: Electronic Demanufacturing Facility opens. (Renamed to Electronics Recovery Center in 2020.)

2008: Keep Scott County Beautiful re-launched as iLivehere: myhome, ourcommunity, Waste Commission of Scott County’s new environmental outreach program.

2008: The Commission establishes its Environmental, Health & Safety Management System.

2009: Started providing collection service to Scott County’s dropoff recycling program. 

2009: Shingle Recycling Program Launches. 

2009: Event Recycling Program Begins. 

2011: Citizen’s Convenience Center and Automated Scale Open at Landfill. 

2011: Commission Grant Program begins for members, schools, and nonprofits. 

2012: Electronic Demanufacturing Facility becomes the first entity in Iowa and the first public agency in the world to hold R2 (Responsible Recycling) certification.

2014: Electronic Demanufacturing Facility achieves ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certifications.

2015: Electronics Reuse Program launches.

2015: Landfill Master Plan Design changes adding 20 years of Landfill capacity, extending life through 2075. 

2016: Launched “Go All In” single-stream recycling program and expanded Household Hazardous Material and VSQG Services.

2018: Scott Area Recycling Center installs optical sorter. 

2020: Scott Area Landfill expands to the north with cell 8, leachate lagoon, and SCADA system construction. 

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