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Curbside Recycling

All of the 17 communities in Scott County offer curbside recycling to their residents. Five drop-off recycling locations are available throughout the county as well. All communities and drop-off locations accept the same items for recycling. Recyclable materials are delivered to the Scott Area Recycling Center for processing and marketing. Learn more about recycling at goallinqc.org.

Please empty and rinse containers and place all recyclables into your cart loosely. Bagged recyclables end up at the landfill. Please, no plastic bags of any kind, and no Styrofoam.

Newspaper Office paper Catalogs
Magazines Phonebooks Cereal boxes
Shoe boxes Corrugated cardboard Shredded paper
Paper egg cartons
Tissue boxes Mail
 Snack boxes
 Pop cartons
 Paperback books
Greeting cards (no metallics)
Hardback books (covers removed) Toilet paper/paper towel rolls
 Gable Top Container (Orange Juice or Milk Carton)
 Cans for chips and nuts (e.g. Pringles)
Plastics #1-#7 such as those from:
Cleaners Food containers Bleach
Milk Cooking oils Pill bottles
Cosmetics & lotions Shampoo & conditioner Soft drinks
Detergents Flower pots Water or juice
Aluminum cans Aluminum pie plates Aluminum foil
Tin food/beverage cans Coffee cans
Beer bottles Juice containers Food containers
Pop bottles Wine and liquor bottles  
In order to add additional materials to the recycling program there must be 3 solid markets within a 300-mile radius of Davenport. In short, these items cannot be accepted from residents if there is not an end user willing to purchase them.
Plastic bags
These can be recycled, but through a separate process. Recycle them at area stores.
Items with food residue or grease stains These items contaminate the recycling process.
Gift wrap, greeting cards with metallic designs
Large quantities (dozen or more) of bound books and text books Scott Area Recycling Center does not have the equipment to recycle high quantities of bound books, but can provide assistance. Call (563) 386-9575 for details. Midland Davis Recycling in Moline accepts bound books. Call (309) 764-6723 for more information. 
Mirror/window glass, crystal, drinking glass, ceramics, ovenware, light bulbs The combination of ingredients used to make these products is different from what goes into container glass. This type of glass can pose a threat to workers & equipment at the recycling center.
Aerosol cans Aerosol cans (empty or otherwise) are accepted through the Commission’s Hazardous Material program.
Metal building materials or scraps This type of metal can be recycled at the Scott Area Landfill or through a local metal recycler.

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