Spring Cleaning Guide

Working on spring cleaning? Here’s a helpful spring cleaning guide to figure out where to dispose of any items you’re ready to part with. First, consider reuse (donation, selling, etc.) for items that still have life left. Now, let’s go in the order our four facilities opened!

Scott Area Landfill

Ready to part with that microwave that no longer works? The Scott Area Landfill accepts tires, appliances, scrap metal, and shingles for recycling as well as waste from Scott County households and businesses to be landfilled. You can put garbage items into your curbside cart or bring it to the Scott Area Landfill for a fee based on the material and weight. Watch what to do when you arrive at the landfill.

Scott Area Recycling Center

Breaking down food boxes for the most TikTok-worthy pantry? Recycle cardboard boxes, plastic bottles & jars, glass bottles & jars, paper, and aluminum & steel cans in your curbside recycling cart or at a Scott Area Recycling Center drop-off location. If your spring cleaning includes shredding sensitive papers, please help us keep it contained through the sorting process by putting the shreds into a paper bag labeled shredded paper.

Household Hazardous Material Facility

While cleaning your garage, you may find items that should go to our Household Hazardous Material (HHM) Facility. Acceptable items at HHM include paints, pesticides, cleaners, chemicals, medical sharps, and fluorescent lightbulbs. This service is free for residents of Scott and Rock Island counties. Click here to view facility hours and to learn more.

Electronics Recovery Center

Saying farewell to that drawer of old cell phones? Our Electronics Recovery Center will accept e-waste like computers, televisions, cell phones, printers, cartridges, copiers, stereos, batteries, or any digital electronic device with a screen or circuit board for recycling. Watch what to do when you arrive at this facility.

Any questions?

We couldn’t list everything in our spring cleaning guide, but we have more resources that can help! Not sure where an item should go? Use the “How do I Dispose of…” search tool located on our homepage. Just select your community and type what item you’re looking for.

Spring cleaning at your business? Click here to learn more about our services for businesses.