Asbestos-containing materials pose a health risk to humans exposed to airborne asbestos particles.

Asbestos Classifications

There are two basic classifications of asbestos that determine handling requirements: non-friable and friable.

Non-friable asbestos-containing material

  • Any asbestos-containing packing, gaskets, resilient floor tile, asphalt roofing, exterior siding, vehicle brake shoes, and clutch pads.

Friable asbestos (regulated asbestos-containing material)

  • Materials such as pipe insulation, ceiling and wall insulation, sprayed-on fireproofing, thermal pipe insulation and boiler coverings, ceiling tiles, and damaged material that was originally non-friable.
  • Disposal of friable asbestos: Consult with the Commission’s special waste staff. Friable asbestos must meet special handling and transportation requirements and requires Commission approval for disposal.

Asbestos Disposal Requirements

Before the Commission may dispose of asbestos-containing material:

  • An Asbestos Disposal Form must be completed by the customer and emailed to
  • Request approved by the Commission’s special waste staff.
  • Delivery must be approved and scheduled. (Note: Weather conditions may impact delivery.)
  • Asbestos loads must be delivered prior to 2:30 p.m. on weekdays only.
  • Asbestos-containing material must be doubled-bagged in 6 mil bags with label that identifies, “asbestos-containing material”. The material must be packaged in a manner that eliminates hazardous dust exposure. Bags can be purchased from the Landfill scale for $2.50 each or from another vendor.
  • Friable asbestos must be placed in drums in addition to being bagged in 6 mil bags as described above.
  • Please speak with the Commission’s special waste staff about appropriate packaging requirements before delivery.

Disposal Rates for Special Waste

Analytical testing parameters required for pre-approval.
All rates are subject to change based on quantity, characteristics and delivery.


Material Fee
Petroleum contaminated soil $27.00 per ton
Petroleum contaminated soil – not usable as daily cover $38.00 per ton
Petroleum contaminated soil – debris > 4” diameter $38.00 per ton
Petroleum contaminated soil – brought in drum $38.00 per drum
Asbestos disposal $85.50 per ton
55-gallon drum (purchase) $47.00 each
Asbestos bags (50 gallon) $2.50 each
Hydrocarbons under 100 PPM $79.00 per ton
Hydrocarbons over 100 PPM $98.00 per ton

Effective July 1, 2024. Rates subject to change.


Completed Asbestos Disposal Forms should be e-mailed to For questions about special waste disposal e-mail or call (563) 381-1300.