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Legislative positions

Waste Commission of Scott County supports the following legislative positions:

Require facilities that store, handle or process solid waste to have financial assurance in an amount sufficient for cleanup and final disposal of any materials accumulated at at the facility and to provide for closure of the facility. Facilities that take in solid waste – with the exception of traditional curbside collected residential or commercial recyclable material that has been segregated from the municipal solid waste stream and separately collected for recycling – create a risk to the environment if that waste cannot be used as planned. Recycling, reuse and waste conversion markets are volatile, and can go away quickly. When that happens, facilities typically stockpile the waste in hopes that recycling, reuse or conversion markets will return and the materials can be sold again. When markets don’t return, facilities are often abandoned by the owners and subsequent cleanup costs are borne by the local community and tax payers. Sufficient financial assurance would ensure that cleanup costs would not become a burden for the local community and are the responsibility of the facility owner, as is already the case for Iowa’s landfill owners.

Assess Tonnage Fees for All Waste Generated and Accepted by Regulated Facilities in the State of Iowa. Each year, Iowa landfills send approximately $6 million to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources for DNR operations, technical assistance programs, hazardous waste program support, permitting and inspection of all types of waste management facilities, and support of waste diversion projects through the Solid Waste Alternatives Program (SWAP). Since some areas of Iowa do not use Iowa landfills, the costs for permitting and inspecting the waste-handling facilities in those areas are unfairly paid for by other facilities. Additionally, these non-paying areas are not contributing to the SWAP program, yet they are eligible to receive SWAP's forgivable, low-interest or no-interest loans. ISOSWO supports equitable cost-sharing among regulated facilities accepting waste (e.g., transfer stations) to assure adequate funding for the many regulatory, technical and financial assistance services provided by DNR to all areas of the state of Iowa.

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