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Document Disposal

Securely recycling your documents

Not sure what to do with paper that contains sensitive or personal information? Here's your guide.

Reduce your use
Want to use less paper? You can reduce the amount of paper you use in your home by following these tips:
  • Read it on-screen. Before you print a document, ask yourself whether you need it on paper. It may be just as easy to access the document digitally the next time you need it.
  • Switch to e-billing. Contact service providers sending statements each month and request that they be sent to your e-mail address instead.
  •  Use both sides. For those times when you really do need to click "print," set your printer's default to double-sided printing.
Shred, then recycle
Even sensitive or personal documents may be recycled through residential curbside collection programs and/or drop-off recycling if they are shredded first. Shredders for the home office are sold in office-supply stores for about $20-$30 and make shredding simple.

You can recycle shredded paper by placing it in a paper bag in your recycling bin, or by dropping it into the shredded paper bin at the Scott Area Recycling Center. It's easy!

Document disposal services
Have sensitive or personal documents, but no home shredder? Inherit a heap of paperwork too large to shred yourself? The following service providers in Scott County and beyond will securely dispose of these types of papers for you.
ARC of the Quad Cities
Document Destruction and Recycling Services

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