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Facility Tours

Public Tours
Interested in taking a tour? The Commission provides guided tours of its facilities to the public. To register for one of these tours, please e-mail our Communication Specialist.

Want to know when more tour dates become available? For e-mail updates about upcoming tours and more, sign up for the Commission's e-news.

School Tours
The Commission provides tours of its facilities to school groups, ages elementary and up.

To request a tour for your group, please e-mail our Communication Specialist.

Please read our Behavior Guidelines before your tour.

Presentations (off-site)
To request a presentation at an off-site location, please e-mail our Communication Specialist.


Scott Area Recycling Center, 5640 Carey Avenue, Davenport
This facility features an Education Room, which can seat up to 100. A special camera system gives participants a virtual tour of the Recycling Center from the safety of the Education Room. Six cameras, placed in key locations, allow participants to see, in real time, the entire process, from the collection truck crossing the scale to the end product being loaded on to a semi-trailer for shipment. Participants can also look out windows into the processing area where residential recyclables are being sorted and baled. The Education Room, much of which is built from recycled materials, also houses several displays and recycled content items. This facility is handicapped accessible.

Scott Area Landfill, 11555 110th Avenue, Davenport (County Road Y-48, Buffalo)
This facility receives all of the residential garbage produced in Scott County. In the fill area, participants can see local garbage trucks dumping, compactors and bulldozers compressing the garbage and the materials used to cover the garbage each night. The tour also includes visuals of the Scott County Landfill, which closed in 1995, and recycling programs for tires, scrap metal, appliances and construction and demolition materials.

Scott Area Household Hazardous Material Facility, 5640 Carey Avenue, Davenport
The permanent facility is located at the Scott Area Recycling Center. Participants learn what happens to old paints, pesticides, cleaners and other household toxins and why they are banned from the landfill. The tour also includes a visit to Product Reuse that is stocked with household hazardous materials that are deemed reusable.

Electronics Recovery Center, 5650 Carey Avenue, Davenport
This facility opened in 2005 and is in the same complex as the Scott Area Recycling Center. Participants learn what happens to discarded electronic items such as computers, televisions, printers and stereos. This virtual tour covers the reuse and physical demanufacturing of the electronics, the sorting of various components and how these materials are marketed and sold. This facility is handicapped accessible.

For more information about tours, call (563) 386-9575.

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