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Waste Commission of Scott County has made public education a priority.

We provide tours of all Commission facilities, including the Scott Area Landfill, Scott Area Recycling CenterElectronics Recovery Center and Household Hazardous Material Facilities free of charge. Click here to request a tour.

Grant Program

The Commission recently instituted a grant program for Educational InstitutionsMember Communities and Local Non-Profits. We accept applications on an ongoing basis and fund projects, programs, events, curriculum, etc. related to solid waste and the environment. Funding derives from user fees.

Educational Resources
In addition to providing tours and funding for Educational Institutions, the Commission also houses an Environmental Education Library full of resources for further learning on topics related to solid waste and our environment. We are always adding to our library. If you have found a resource helpful that we do not currently have in our library, let us know and we will try to add it per your suggestion.

Waste Commission launched iLivehere on Earth Day, 2008 as our environmental outreach program. We created it to empower you with information, activities and resources for becoming a better steward of our environment. Through our iLivehere program, we provide cleanup supplies, such as bags, gloves, litter tongs and safety vests free of charge to local groups organizing cleanups. Groups that would like to care for an area on an ongoing basis are encouraged to participate in our MAKE it YOURS program.

Event Recycling
The Commission also provides event recycling containers free of charge through our iLivehere program. Think of all the bottles and cans that are generated from a festival or large event! Many of those are thrown in garbage cans and taken to a landfill if no recycling bins are available. You can Recycle at Your Next Event.

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