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Waste Commission of Scott County does not provide any collection services for recycling. However, businesses are welcome to recycle at any of the five drop-off recycling locations in Scott County or contract with a private hauler for collection services.

  • West Lake Park: Gate 2 County Road Y-48, Davenport. Open park hours. [see map]
  • Scott County Park: 1/2 mi. E. of Main Park Entrance, near Park View. Open park hours. [see map]
  • Pleasant Valley Site At Republic Services: 1 mile east of Arconic off Hwy. 67. Open 7 a.m.-5:30 p.m. weekdays and 7 a.m.-noon Saturday. [see map]
  • Scott Area Recycling Center: 5640 Carey Avenue, Davenport. Open daylight hours. [see map]
  • Scott Area Landfill: County Road Y48, Buffalo. Open 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. weekdays and 8 a.m.-noon Saturday. [see map] 

View a listing of items accepted in Scott County recycling programs.

If you are interested in having recyclables collected from your businesses, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Research! Determine what size garbage dumpster you currently have, who collects it and how often it is being emptied.

Audit your Waste. Conduct a waste audit to determine how much of the material going into your dumpster can be recycled. Your local Iowa Waste Exchange representative, Julie Plummer, can help. 

What to Recycle? Decide which items you would like to include in your company's recycling program. Typically, this includes cardboard, office paper, newspapers and beverage containers. See a list of all items accepted in Scott County recycling programs.

Downsize your Garbage. Based on the amount of recyclables currently going into your trash, downsize your garbage dumpster or have it emptied less frequently. This will decrease your garbage collection costs and will help offset some of the costs associated with recycling collection.

Evaluate Cardboard Quantities. If you generate a large amount of cardboard, consider having a dumpster placed specifically for that. In some cases, you may be able to include your office paper and newspaper in the cardboard dumpster as well. Large quantity generators of cardboard may want to consider purchasing a baler for your recyclables.

Recycling Collection. If your garbage hauler does not provide recycling collection, contact a commercial recycling company. Collection fees may apply. Two local companies are: Republic Services in Davenport (563-332-0050) or Midland Davis in Moline (309-764-6723).

Pop and Water Bottle Collection. In most cases, commercial recycling companies will not collect small volumes of recyclable containers such as water bottles, pop bottles and pop cans. Many businesses designate an employee to take these materials to a redemption center and/or a drop-off recycling location.

Containers & Receptacles. Determine what types of containers or receptacles you’ll use for recycling in your offices, copier and break rooms. We’ve compiled a list of recycling bin vendors to help get you started.

Educate your employees! Successful recycling programs always rely heavily on good education up front.

  • Be sure to clearly label recycling containers and trash cans. Indicate what types of material are accepted in each container. Here are a few samples: Container Recycling Signs, Paper Recycling Signs, Trash Signs. The Commission can provide you with recycling-related graphics if needed. Call (563) 386-9575.
  • Recycling programs are most successful when recycling containers are placed next to each garbage can. That way, recycling is always a convenient option.
  • Communicate the recycling message constantly. Include information in company newsletters, e-mails, pay checks and your website. Sample Payroll Stuffers.
  • Set goals and celebrate when you reach them! Or create competitions among employees or departments to see who can recycle the most.

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