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Download Scott County Garbage Guide 2014-15

Contact: City Hall at 285-4841

Website: www.cityofeldridgeia.org

Garbage Collection: Republic Services, (563) 332-0050. North of LeClaire Road on Wednesdays, South of LeClaire Road on Thursdays. Collection is limited to one garbage tote provided by the city. Excess waste must be in bags not weighing more than 50 pounds and must have a sticker attached. Stickers can be purchased at City Hall.

Recycling Collection: Republic Services collects every other week. North of LeClaire Road on Wednesdays and South of LeClaire Road on Thursdays. The City provides a single sort recycling tote for recycling pick-up. See acceptable items. Large boxes can be broken down and taken to drop-off recycling locations in Scott County. 

Snow Days: Republic Services will post changes in the schedule on the local news stations if a snow storm should prevent them from picking up the garbage or recycling. Residents can also check the City of Eldridge web site at www.cityofeldridgeia.org or call the office at 285-4841.

Holidays: Republic Services recognizes six major holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Garbage collection will run one day late for all communities that have collection
on or after a holiday during the holiday week.

Other Garbage Information: Construction materials such as plaster board, lumber, paneling, large amounts of carpet, windows, doors and large amounts of furniture from rental properties are considered business related and are the responsibility of the business owner. (Note: Very small amounts of construction material may be taken if packaged properly.)

Appliances: May be taken to the City Shop, 105 E. LeClaire Road. Includes microwaves and humidifiers.

Electronic Waste Recycling: Residents may take items to the Electronic Demanufacturing Facility for recycling at no charge.  

Household Hazardous Materials: Residents may take items to the Waste Commission of Scott County, by appointment, at no charge. See Scott Area Household Hazardous Material Facilities.

Bulky Waste: One item per household is allowed each week free of charge. Call City Hall for pickup: (563) 285-4841. More items than one will need a sticker placed on them for collection. Stickers for bulky items can be purchased at City Hall. The City of Eldridge does not provide a public dumpster.

Tires: Must be taken to Scott Area Landfill.

Cleanup Days/Weeks: None

Brush and Tree Trimmings: Collection of tree trimmings and brush will be every Monday starting April 1 and ending the last Monday in November. Brush and branches should be bundled with a sturdy twine. No wire, tape or plastic
ties. Branches must not exceed five feet in length or six inches in diameter. This is a free service to Eldridge residents, and there is no need to call in your address.

Christmas Trees: Christmas Trees are picked up through the end of January. Place your tree curbside with the cut end at the curb. Do not place your tree in a plastic bag. Trees are picked up by the City, not by Republic Services.

Grass, Leaves and Other Yard Waste: Collection at curb every Monday between the first of April and the last Monday in November. First and last 6 weeks of curbside yard waste pick-up are free. Yard waste must be placed in 2-ply paper bags up to 32 gallons and not weighing more than 50 pounds. Bags must have a PINK City Of Eldridge yard waste tag attached. These tags may be purchased from City Hall, True Value or North Scott Foods. From the first of April until the end of November on Wednesdays (10 a.m. - 5 p.m.) and Saturdays (9 a.m. - 4 p.m.) yard waste can be dropped off free of charge at the City Shop. A truck will be provided and proof of residency is required. NO PLASTIC BAGS. Either drop waste off loose or in paper yard waste bags.

Motor Oil: May be taken to the Eldridge City Maintenance Shop, 105 E. LeClaire Rd., 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Burning Regulations: Yard waste burning is permitted on private property only (no burning on streets or sidewalks).


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